The Expand Program

The Expand Program is designed to deepen your connection to Nature and Spirit through the Art of Nature Communication and the Power of Land Healing. This is all done from the convenience of your own home.

By stepping into this work you will take a big step forward in connection to yourself, to Nature/Spirit, to others and to life in general. Your participation will bring more depth, meaning, openness and magic into your life.

You choose the level of engagement that's right for you ...

Level 3: Level 2 + two in-depth sessions working one-on-one with Kara by phone (or in person if geography permits) to bring your current home and childhood home to 100 percent of its current potential + 6 months complimentary access to bi-monthly energy healing calls.

This is the most intensive and supportive option recommended for people who are truly ready to open to Nature | Spirit and bring things to the next level. 

Level 2: Level 1 + monthly group practice sessions via telephone/video.

This is a good choice if you're ready to dive deeper and directly experience the work with the support of Kara and the group energy. The more you show up and practice, the more quickly and deeply the relationship with Nature | Spirit responds.

Level 1: Self study only. You receive access to an online portal containing 40+ instructional videos and downloads.

This is perfect for you if you prefer to do things on your own and / or are just looking to get a sense of the work.



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